The magnetic formicaria

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All the parts of the formicarium are connected by strong magnets

On this web sites you can see and buy a new kind of cork formicarium. We offer single modules and arenas which are compatible to each other.

Easy to move

No more tangeled tubes

Thanks to the magnetic connection the whole formicarium acts as a single unit which is compact, good looking and easy to move.

Extend when you need

Safe your room and add more modules when the colony grows up

You don't have to buy a huge formicarium for a small colony or you don't have to move your colony to bigger one. You can start with only one modul for each of your colony and add another modul by the time. Even if the colony doesn't make it through the years you can re-use the modul for healthy and growing up colony.

Ant friendly enviroment

Thanks to the cork filling

The cork is the best and most natural material from all the materials commonly used for ants keeping. For Camponotus sp. it provides a possibility to dig and build theire own tunels.

Good hydratation system

Keep the right level of humidity in your nest

Amazing design!

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