How it Works


The basic part of the formicarium

Modul consists of black plastic body with metal mesh and 8 magnets on the sides, plexiglass holded by 5 strong magnets, red plastic cover, cork (6mm) with or without tunnels and 4 plugs.

Connecting modules

Extend your nest when it's needed

These modules can be easily connected! On each side there are 2 magnets both oriented to north or south pole. To connect modules, just remove plugs and put two modules side by side. Always put "north side" to "east side".

Connecting vertical

Even more options!

If you want to put your nest vertical, you will need vertical connector. It is a metal hollow block with a plastic core inside. After removing side plugs on the metal block, by moving that plastic core left or right in metal block, you can choose in which directions ants can go. After you will connect modules and it all sticks together.

Adding arena

Arena is the place where you put all the food and water for the ants. It consists of a lid with metal mesh in the middle and actual arena with 4 wholes, 4 plugs and 8 magnets on the sides. The principle of connecting the arena is exactly the same as with modules.


Connect your formicarium to whatever you want

You can choose North or South oriented reductor. Connect it in the same way as modules or arenas. On the reductor you can attach tubes of different diameters.